This page lets you access the various livechats that are hosted on


General live chat lets you talk about just about everything here, provided they don't have a topic below.


This live chat is also accessible from the XBoards. It basically doubles as the forum's live chat. It's here for consistency.


Got an issue you need to solve fast? Just want to brag about your brand new PHP driven navbar? Talk about it here!


Anything and everything Pokemon! Talk about Fakemon, your favorite generation, or perhaps some memories!


Since I wanted to do my own thing for Neocities, here's a Neocities chat room on my website! I might try my hand at a Discord eventually, but I'm afraid of wasting everyone else's time with that one.


We already have an officially endorsed ReactOS Discord, but like with Neocities, I wanted to do my own thing, so here it is!


Ah, ROBLOX. Once my namesake, now just a distant memory. Chat here about ROBLOX, rant about how it sucks now and how 2007 was a better year for ROBLOX even though you joined in 2017, and ask people to play your game on ROBLOX!

Don't see what you want? Have a suggestion for me to organize these live chats? Let me know with the site suggestion forum!